All Electric Only

The TC10/20A-G is a one-piece, easy install, all electric unit for a small trailer or truck. With countless applications, this is a must-have anyone who needs on-the-go refrigeration.
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Diesel Driven

Transport refrigeration units with clean and silent 3 cylinder water-cooled diesel engines, providing low maintenance rates and a built in Safety System.
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Over-the-Road Systems

World renowned units that overcome the challenges of over-the-road transport.
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Welcome to Kingtec Canada.

We’re the exclusive Canadian distributor of Kingtec Transport Refrigeration. Offering Diesel, Vehicle-Driven, and All-Electric units for a wide-variety of applications.

Our products are tested in some of the harshest environments in the world and are manufactured with the latest state of the art equipment. Kingtec products carry international certifications and ISO 9001 quality assurance.

Technical characteristics of Kingtec products are similar to other well known brands in the industry. In comparison, Kingtec products easily compete on performance and quality while maintaining the latest technology at a very competitive price advantage.

Choosing Kingtec products will benefit your business and we look forward to working with you in the near future.